Relivit Living Legacy – Q & A

Commonly asked questions:

Q. What makes Relivit Media different from other companies that do video recording?
We have over 18 years of video experience and 21 years of full time ministry experience. We have interviewed hundreds of people including kids, teens, young adults and the elderly. Our heart for the Lord and people give us a special edge and warmth that other companies don’t have.

Q. Why is it important to capture these memories and stories?
My mother passed away unexpectedly at a young age. What I wouldn’t give to have a beautiful video with her sharing her life story and precious memories. To see her and to hear her voice again would be priceless. It is often not until after we lose someone that we think about how much we wish we would have captured their life story. Photos and writings are nice and valuable, but hearing their story, hearing their voice and seeing their expressions – that’s priceless!

Q. Why not have someone in the family do the recording with their personal camera?
As with a lot of things, we all have “good intentions” (like getting more exercise or eating better), but it is hard to actually follow through. By making a simple call to Relivit Media, you can be assured that in just a few days, their (your) life story will be captured and you will have captured these important memories for generations to come. Also, we find that having a “third party” do the recording tends to help the interview run more smooth and thorough. Additionally, the entire family feels good about the final recording project because it wasn’t just “one persons” project. For example, if we are recording your parents and you have other siblings, they won’t feel that this is just “your personal” project, but rather a unbiased project for the whole family.

Q. Will the person being recorded feel intimidated by us or the cameras?
We have never had that happen. We record people in their own home. The cameras are offset to the sides of the room. Because of the high quality cameras, we often do not need to use additional lighting. It is simply like sitting down with a good friend and giving them an opportunity to share their story. Often, people even tent to forget that they are even being recorded. It isn’t an interrogation……it is a warm friendly conversation. The final video will only include you or your loved-ones voice.

Q. Can anyone else be present or participate in the recording?
Absolutely! Anyone is welcome to attend if the person sharing approves. If anyone would like to participate in asking questions, we simply ask that this be arranged with us in advance.

Q. Where does the recording take place?
We can record anywhere you would like. Preferably in the home of the person being recorded. This is often the most comfortable place for them to share their story.

Q. What questions do you ask the person being recorded? Can I share things I would like discussed in the video?
Once we schedule your “Relivit Living Legacy” video recording, we will email (or mail) you a (very well thought out) page that shares the most common questions and topics that we cover. You will be able to very easily check off the items you would like discussed and also share questions or topics that you would like us to ask you or your loved one during the recording. This video is for you and your family. We want to cover the things you would like captured. We think you will be very pleased with the items we have currently gathered for discussion.

Q. How long does the recording process last?
The whole process last less than 2 hours. That includes setup and teardown of the cameras. We also take a little time to introduce ourselves and get to know you or your loved one better before we start the recording.

Q. What if mistakes are made or we would like something removed in the final video?
After recording, we carefully edit the video and remove any “mistakes”. Before the video is finalized, the person scheduling the recording along with the person being recorded, will get a sample copy to review to let us know of any adjustments they would like made to the final video.

Q. What if we have photos and slides that we would like added?
We are able to take your photos and slides and digitize them (with a high quality scanner) so that we are able to implement them into the video. If needed, we do some color correction and enhancements to the photos and slides.

Q. Can we use this someday at a funeral or memorial service?
YES! Having a video like this would be wonderful to use at a funeral or memorial service. Package Three includes a special “condensed” version of the video to be shared with friends or to even someday be used for this purpose.

**Feel free to ask any questions that you may have.** We are open to ideas that you may have concerning you or your loved ones “Relivit Living Legacy” video. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with the final outcome, there is no charge! You have nothing to risk.