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Have you experienced trauma, rejection, shame, guilt, hopelessness, or feelings of emptiness?  Have you felt lost, abandoned, neglected, or forgotten?  If you answered yes, A Place for Just’ Us Counseling is here to offer you “hope” for your situation in a safe, confidential, and nurturing environment!


We provide an interactive counseling service by partnering together with children, teenagers, adults, couples, and families.


We specialize in a revelatory (an educational) framework to help individuals by shedding light in dark areas, disbanding the chains of bondage, and overcoming traumatic experiences through sufferings and afflictions.  Emotional pain can cause a person to feel entangled, helpless, disappointed, and alone.  Therefore, it is our endeavor to focus on the whole person.


Together, we can work to unearth deep rooted faulty beliefs that create habitual patterns which have robbed you of your destiny and purpose resulting in living a life unfulfilled.


We aspire to help individuals overcome hindrances, discover their identity, gain authentic relationships, and overcome the sufferings/afflictions of life by walking with each person throughout his or her healing journey.


Let’s mend the broken pieces by uprooting toxins and working through matters of the heart in an effort to cultivate an environment which stimulates growth from within for breakthrough.


Start the healing process today by calling: 231-237-5030